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Instructing Us

Our clerking team is able to assist with all enquiries about instructing a barrister at Central Court Chambers, their availability as well as more generally on the process. We hope to be able to provide you a fee estimate as quickly and as accurately as possible. Whatever the issue, we aim to provide a fast and responsive service, keeping interested parties informed throughout.

The barristers at Central Court Chambers are instructed by a wide range of clients and entities with almost all of our Counsel Public Access Qualified. Instructions come from UK and international law firms and clients, companies and financial institutions, sports and media organisations, directors, private individuals and charities. We operate in the UK and internationally, where we have a strong reputation for not only contentious but also advisory work.

We practise in the following key areas:

  • Commercial

  • Insurance and Reinsurance

  • Personal Injury

  • Immigration

  • Property

  • Defamation

  • Insolvency


Our Clients include: 

  • Solicitor’s firms

  • In House lawyers

  • International / Overseas lawyers

  • Individuals or companies directly – UK and International

  • Employed barristers and/or European lawyers registered with the Bar Council

  • Legal advice centres designated by the Bar Council


If you are a member of the public seeking to instruct one of our barristers directly we may be able to accept your instruction on a variety of payment terms including fixed fees or hourly rates. We cannot however guarantee which method will be appropriate for your case before review. Please contact us from the Contact Us page so that we may better assist you.

Details of instructing a barrister directly may be obtained from the BSB's website who provide Public Access Guidance for clients and other members of the public at:

It is important to highlight that there are a wide range of factors which may impact upon the timescale that an issue may be dealt with. Timescales can vary based on the availability of an individual barrister, the complexity of the case, the availability of clients or witnesses, the amount of evidence and paperwork that needs to be reviewed, the need to obtain further documentation or evidence which may unexpectedly arise or the availability of courts and judges to deal with the case. We will always endeavour to provide the most accurate picture of these possible delays as soon as possible after they arise.


If you have any inquiries, please contact the  clerking team using the Contact Us page provided.

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