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Call: 1978 (Gray's Inn)

Hugo has undertaken a number of high profile cases including Judicial Reviews and matters of international law. In his case R v Jones the House of Lords ruled on the legality of the war in Iraq and in an earlier case the Court of Appeal ruled on the inadmissibility of computer evidence to collect the Poll Tax. However he is also experienced in the more day to day cases, appearing regularly in the Crown and Magistrates Courts as well as the High Court and other courts and tribunals. He has extensive experience of environmental and social campaigning and speaks on human rights, legal and environmental issues on radio and television.

He was a consultant barrister on the North London Duty Solicitor Scheme, on the  List of Counsel for the International Criminal Court, a member of the Panel of Defence Lawyers for The Special Tribunal for the Lebanon and a Legal Adviser to the Kurdish Regional Government’s Genocide Awareness Task Force.

He has recently produced and presented two television documentaries, one on election monitoring in Easter Turkey and the other on environmental issues and post conflict society in Guatemala.

He is a former Chair and Trustee of Widows for Peace through Democracy, has trained in the Law on Preventing Sexual Violence in Conflict Situations and in Anti-Trafficking legislation.

He is an adviser on International Trade Negotiations.

+44 (0) 207 406 1476

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